Photosensitive fur, vinyl & fan blown air, 13’-0” x 13’-0” x 9’-0”, 2011

Roomograph is an inflatable, room-scaled installation made from a combination of clear and photosensitive materials. As people interact with it, Roomograph works like a photogram, its photosensitive surfaces are blocked from light as occupants linger. When the lights go out, occupants see their outlines as shadows on a glowing field. Roomograph is comprised of two forms, one occupied at the perimeter and one at the center, encouraging individual and group experiences respectively. In the dark the previously illuminated/ inflated form is displaced by its counterpart. During this shifting, the glowing portions will be all a visitor sees as they witness their shadowy trace become incorporated into the architecture.  This work was made with support from the Graham Foundation and the deCordova Museum.